Hello my dear friends,

The youth are the future of tomorrow that belongs to an adage. The challenges young generations are facing today are complex and diverse. There are more opportunities to learn and partake but fewer provided pathways. What you have in your hands is the inaugural issue of a youth monthly, Clarian Call. We are delighted to celebrate the launch of this maiden issue, with the start of New Year.  The publication of this issue serves as a landmark in the progress and growth of the teens. Our process will continue to create a future full of optimism and enthusiasm, a future where every venture will succeed and failure and frustration will be something of history. What you will find in the pages of Clarian Call is an assortment of instructive and informative articles composed by honest, sincere and accommodating individuals who toil to survive intently. I would like to lend a very warm welcome to the readership of the magazine. A special thank you is also extended to everyone who has volunteered to achieve contribute to the accomplishment of this magazine. On behalf of the Clarion Call Team, I would like to thank everybody once again. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this magazine and we will be thankful to receive your constructive comments and valuable suggestion that could improve the quality of the magazine.


Md. Bazlul Karim

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