Dear Reader, I start this editorial with an advanced Eid Mubarak to you all. May your fasting, prayers, and charity be accepted during the month of Ramadan. I hope you will maintain the sanctity of this holy month and you will continue with the good habits you learnt during Ramadan Insha’Allah. It is with immense delight to bring out the 2nd issue of Clarion Call. This magazine is a novel venture for the adolescent, to educate, encourage and engage the future generation in Bangladesh. Clarion Call is a dynamic magazine, with a diverse range of articles, from features on inspiring youngster, to book reviews, poetry, health, current issues concerning young generation of present times. Clarion Call inspires teens to be proud of their national identity. We are thankful to all our cohorts as with their contributions and cooperation, we have made this issue possible. The best of people are those who can positively make a difference to other people’s lives. Every article in this magazine tells the story of an individual, supported by the people who surround them, who have made a positive difference to their externality. This quarterly magazine exists to empower the youth to inculcate the love of knowledge among the youth. We aim to equip the future generation with the confidence, knowledge and tools they require to combat many challenges ahead. It goes without saying that the Clarion Call team is an instrument of inspiration, led by a group of people who came together, to share one dream; the dream to positively influence the youth of Bangladesh. This then cascades on and on to not only inspire people but to drive them to introduce positive change. When there is change there is progress and that progress fetches change. We hope that you will benefit from this issue and that you share it with all your loved ones to elevate its loftiness, leave us your constructive criticism and have a fabulous time. 


Md. Bazlul Karim

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