I’m Tisha in my teens. I live in a small town. I don’t belong to an affluent family. So, there are a lot of things that I can hardly afford. I recently purchased a laptop after depositing my money in a piggy bank. One day I was in my school and one of my friends told me that she heard about the new service that gives free access to the internet. She said that all one had to do was to connect to their network called “free Wi-Fi” which the service provider claimed to be available everywhere in our town. Only it had to be downloaded from Google Search.

When I got home the following evening, I decided to try it out. I took out my laptop and searched for access to the “free Wi-Fi”. The signal was excellent with the fullest bar. I was delighted and quickly clicked the “connect” button. My internet browser popped up with a sinister black screen and with blood-red creepy fonts, and a message showed up: “Thank you for visiting! Welcome to free Wi-Fi internet service.

 We do not put any charges on your access. What we need is only a registration, which you have done successfully! “N.B: Every time you want to access us, some basic question must be as answered.” There were four pictures on a screen showing 4 vehicles: a bus, a train, a boat and a plane. Underneath was a question: “What is your usual mode of transport?” None of the options was my answer as I always walk to school, so I clicked randomly on the train’s picture as an option. A ‘thank you’ message popped up and I was able to use the internet. Next day I was watching TV. Breaking news showed up below saying that a train had derailed and fallen into the river while crossing it.

Several carriers had plunged into the river and almost all the passengers perished. I was horrified and went blank after I remembered about the website I had visited the night before. I tried to console myself that it was just a mere coincidence and nothing else. I mean it’s so silly! If I had selected a plane, would there be a plane crash in our town next day?

That is ludicrous. That evening, I needed to use the internet for my assignment and I visited “free WiFi” again with the help of my little data left. Once again a message with 4 picture options popped up. The options were a bungalow, apartment, two story or huts. Underneath was the question: “Which type of house do you live in?” I was about to choose bungalow then suddenly a doubt struck that what if my suspicions come true. So I clicked apartment with a pounding heart.

Though I thought it was crazy, I decided not to avail the chance. The next day, an apartment building burned down completely. Luckily due to office hour, most of the dwellers were out for work. But 20 people trapped inside that apartment were burned in the blazing fire. After being terrified and lost in myself for more than an hour, I stopped mulling over it, and calmed myself. I claimed that it was an insane coincidence. I took out my laptop and decided to gain access again.

A message with four picture options popped up again. When I saw the pictures I forgot to breath and let out a gasp of horror. The pictures were of my father, my little sister and me… Underneath was the question: “Which of them is your favorite family member?”

By: Ibnath Nabiha, ( A-Level )

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