The Two Wheel Trend

You might have easily guessed what kind if two-wheeler I am going to be talking about. If you noticed, it appears like everyone’s in a rush to buy them. But why? Let me give you an insight to the world of high-spec cycles.

Cycles have been around for ages. For so long that we might consider them a part of our culture. The thought of cycles brings up the image of a ‘Bangla-Cycle’, the legendary old black framed cycle our Dads used to ride, but I’m going to introduce you to the more mainstream cycles, the ones hitting our markets like storm.

Cycles can mainly be of two types:

  1. Road bikes: Much like the Bangla-cycles, they are mainly designed for road. They are light weight and easy to put speed on, however, their thin wheels remain vulnerable to our harsh road conditions. If you ride regularly through potholes and bumps, expect your road bike to last a very short time, and it would be wise to always brace yourself for bent rims and injuries. However, give them the perfect road condition and they’ll be a dream to ride on. Two subcategories of road bikes are:
  2. Commuters: For the boring day-to-day commuting.
  3. Racing bikes: For overtaking others at ease.
  4. Mountain bikes (or MTBs): Like the name suggests, they are ready for mountain riding and rough use. They are a lot more durable than road bikes, but the cost to that is their heavy body, which comes from additional parts than the road bikes such as suspension forks and wider wheels. I myself bought a mountain bike, and the adventures thus far, I’ll cherish for eternity.

So now we know what people are riding in the streets, but what for? Well, everyone’s buying it, that’s enough reason for some to make their purchase. I justify my case for calling it a trend. Then again, this trend introduced too many, a necessity which they always felt, but never knew exactly what it was for. I am one of them. I bought a bike for the mere fun of it, but soon realized just how much of a necessity it can be for some. Let me elaborate. I reside in Shahjadpur, and went for class at Banani. Bus fare to my destination range between Tk15 to 20, and on a busy day takes about an hour. By the rickshaw, I can make it within 25 minutes, if I’m willing to spend Tk80. But what about the cycle? I can make it to my destination within 15 minutes, at ease. And the costs? Tk16 if I consider treating myself for every ride. And there we have it. By commuting by cycle for five days a week, I save about Tk3500 in rickshaw fares. Then there’s the time saved.

Now for the fun part. Have you ever considered how much fun you can have on your cycle? Not only did I go out exploring new routes with my cousin, but to attend every Friday ride organized by Bd-cyclists, along with so many other. Most of these rides consisted of long routs to the outskirts of Dhaka, some way far beyond. Imagine the fun you’ll have, all of it with the expense of burning your fat. Lay off riding cycles if you wish to keep it.

If you have already considered buying your manual-powered fat-burning two-wheeler pony, allow me to make an estimate of how far they’re going to set you off.

The price ranges mentioned are applicable to both road bikes and mountain bikes. Lower budget ‘gear cycles’ (as they’re called), ranges from around Tk 10,000-15,000. They may my sufficient for you regular needs, but it would not be wise to expect too much from them. I bought mine for Tk15,000. The mid range includes cycles with a price tag of Tk16,000-30,000. This budget is best if you’re looking for quality products. Prices above tk30,000 are more or less performance-based, high end, ‘pro’ cycles, which is definitely not the best range for your first bike. And above all else, if you do buy one, don’t save any money on getting cheap locks. You couldn’t imagine how many cycles get stolen each week, just because of weak locks. I would recommend getting a quality chain and the best possible lock from the hardware store.

You now know what price you will have to pay to have these amazing inventions at your procession. Before picking up one, I recommend you gather up as much information as possible, and the internet is able to provide you with any materials necessary. To get an even better idea of what kind of bikes you might expect to see at the market, you can check out Till next time, and ride safe!

  • By: Usama Nafis

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