Is a mobile phone boon or bane?

With the advancement of the technology, people have wide arrayof e-communication gadgets at their fingertips. Cell phone is one of such communication tools. This electronic appliance is a scintillating invention of modern science which is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, offering speedy and convenient service for communication.

Mobile technology has redefined wireless communication and connectivity for millions of users worldwide. This technology has become ubiquitous in this era. Everywhere you will seldom find anyone with no cell phone. Even children are au fait with the amenities of this technology. We know that nothing on the earth is an unmixed blessing. Despite the negative aspects of mobile phones, we cannot deny the necessity of this device.

Cell phones are important communication means for people living in remote country side or rural areas where establishing fixed-line or other land-line phone infrastructures is inaccessible. Wireless communication is one of the major benefits of cell phones.  We can use this gadget to converse, to figure out and access content. It also can be used to voice and text messaging services. Though we enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought by the cell phone, this technology is misused for ulterior motives beyond the known positive uses. Abuse of cell phone has been endemic globally affecting men, women and children especially teen age students. Owning cell phones has become an obsession for teenagers.

Today it is status symbol among teenagers to own an expensive and stylish mobile phone with latest technology available in market. The students are extensively using mobile phones by surfing the net, listening to music, playing games, forming social networking sites, sending SMS, making video films, watching pornographic videos, chatting etc on cell phones. Our youngsters, who once used to work hard on education, are now believed to have been squandering their precious time on mobile phones instead. Usage of such electronic gadget has harmed the education of our children.

In addition, high-end mobile phones are being used for anti-social elements by irresponsible adolescents. They commit unethical acts through cell phones. They use it to hack the face book ID of different people and exploit them. In this respect, negative propaganda in lieu of religious and social norms is practiced by the users. They in their spare time dial wrong numbers to pester others for fun. With the camera loaded mobile phones they take pictures of women and innocent children to morph, maneuver and circulate them on the internet for negative purposes.

With the increased use of camera phones and multimedia facilities and blue tooth technology, mobile phone related cyber crime incidents including fraud, theft or forgery are increasing. Obsolete cell phones are becoming one of the important sources of e-waste. Newfangled mobile phones are coming and people buy them and discard the obsolete ones. The discarded ones become a source of environmental pollution if they are not recycled. There have been a number of cell phone related health hazards.

The signal and the rays emitting from cell phones may cause many serious like diseases like brain cancer, migraine, hearing loss, insomnia etc to the mobile users. There are still numerous adverse effects of cell phones which are yet to be discovered. Cell phone in vibration mode, in front pocket may damage the heart beat system. Depriving the users from exertion, mobile phones lead them to a sedentary life as they prefer indoor games like those in the mobiles rather than the outdoor game.

Mobile phones are also causing behavioral addiction to an individual. Clinically, such mobile phone addiction is termed as “mobile phone mania,” or “monophobia”. Parents should keep a close look at for what purposes your children are using mobile phones. Make sure your kids are using their mobile phones in a proper way. Get them a basic mobile until they get the maturity or get them the mobile phone with features they need at their age.

No doubt there are some negative aspects of mobile phones but the positive aspects of this technology are also conspicuous. However, nothing that is perfect exists in the world. Thus cell phone if one side is a boon then on the other side it is a bane for us. It depends on how the users use this gadget.

Consider cell phone as an important communication device and not as an entertainment device. Try a little cell phone courtesy…. and do not burden others with the pseudo social behavior.

By: Md. Bazlul Karim, Senior Faculty

Pledge Harbor International School 

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