The 6th issue of the Clarion Call is out blended with the color and spirit of the Victory Day 2018. We believe in the fact that, we must do justice towards this important national day of Bangladesh, 16th December- the Victory Day, because it reminds us of our history of struggle, sacrifice and victory at the end. There is a need for our elders to pass on the correct history, and the spirit thereof, to our younger generations. This is important for the sake of unity of the Nation, and also the country’s development and prosperity. Starting the journey in 1971, as a free and sovereign country, this 48th Victory Day reminds us of the fact that too many men and women, brave children of this soil, have given their lives, sacrificed their honor and shed blood with the dream of establishing a free society, where remaining far away from communal narrowness Human Rights and Justice would be established and people will live in a peaceful democratic society. We are indebted to sacrifice all our potentials to materialize those dreams in coming days because they, the martyrs have sacrificed their ‘present’ to ensure a glorious ‘future’ for us. We want that the Youths of Bangladesh would be enlightened, prosperous and resourceful for the benefit of all humanity. Indeed they will carry forward the torch of peace all around the world, placing Bangladesh in a high and esteemed position on the planet. In this issue we have accommodated contributions from USA, Canada, Malaysia and Turkey, aimed towards our Youths. I thank the writers sincerely for their cooperation and contribution. I appreciate the young contributors from within the country for their commitment and patience. We have tried to present different write-ups of diverse taste for the readers. I would request our readers to come forward with their constructive criticism, proposals and suggestions so that we can take Clarion Call towards our dream to adorn it with a global standard.


Ashraf Al Deen


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