The 7th issue of Clarion Call, the magazine for the youths, is out with a number of good and interesting articles from home and abroad. This issue bears a brief note on Dengue Fever, that has appeared as an epidemic throughout the country. Though the people in general has become panic-stricken, Dengue is not an unfamiliar disease. Since WWII Dengue has become a global problem and is common in more than 110 countries, mainly in Asia and South America. Each year between 50 and 528 million people are infected and approximately 10,000 to 20,000 die people die throughout the world. Not being panicked, we need to be educated and careful about this disease. Poet Al Mahmood is the greatest literary personality of our time, who has dominated Bangla literature for many decades. Very recently we have lost this literary genius. We have dedicated this issue in his name and included an article on him. My friend Brigadier AK Garg of Indian army, now an educator and a motivator, has written a nice piece on ‘IT and the Youth.’ Mr. Anis Uddawla, a retired International Civil Servant, now living in Canada, has written a very interesting piece that might encourage many to start hi tech cultivation. Indeed it will fulfill the demand of the time. Counseling psychologist and certified arts based therapist Parvathi Gireesan from South India has presented a very interesting article for this issue. It indeed opens up a new window in the wide field of psychological therapy. Apart from the regular features like Book Review, Beauty-tips, Sports, Cartoon, Jokes and Readers’ Views this issue contains a story and a poetry. Both written by two young writers. To encourage the budding pens we have accepted a host of articles by young writers in this issue. We would love to receive your whole hearted cooperation in the manner of sending us your suggestions and comments, and also contributing worthy write-ups for upcoming issues. We strongly believe and hope this magazine to be richer in articles and smarter in selection of subjects and presentation in future In-Shaa-Allah.


Ashraf Al Deen


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