Ya Rahman

By Tamjidul Islam Abhi

Humble head, no eye O Rahman

Chest tremors, always afraid of you.

Death comes to a closed door,

From time to time, when the tightening shakes!

Cold blood runs in the veins of the veins,

Duloxam is evergreen by malakule mout.

Weep in silent silence, weep bitterly,

Fear of the last journey, after all.

It is not a cry, a true event,

The temptation to catch a moment of sweetness

China caught fire letter at the moment,

Oh Rahman, forgive you, little mercy.

Your everlasting servant, everlasting head,

I am a benevolent kinder, a martyr hero.

At the last trial, you give the fruit in the right hand,

Pour the maya, fearing it will become dry.

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