Clarion Call, the magazine for the Youths,ย 5th volume starts with the 8th issue (Jan- Mar 2020) now in the hands of the readers. We have many important national events coming up during this period, like the National Language Day of 21st February, the Day of Independence of Bangladesh of 26th March. We have a cover story in this issue on the Independence day of Bangladesh. This is an event which can be compared to no other. On this day a portion of the people of an independent country revolted against the oppressive government after the government committed a military action and this led to the Armed struggles, Military confrontations and Independence at the end. The revolt significantly turned into an all-out War after the declaration of Independence was declared on this day. We celebrate this day every year with the reminiscences of history, passing them on to generations with pride and determination to build a stronger future. In this issue we have two articles on philosophy and worldview from two prominent scholars from Turkey and UK. They have tried to eradicate the misconceptions our youths are burdened with. We hope that these guidelines would give them a direction to pursue further studies to come out of the confusion and the dilemma created due to media propaganda.
In the article’Youth’ Barrister Syed Emran Hossain has chalked out a nice guideline for the youths to follow. Prolific writer Rehnuma Bint Anis, Bangladesh born Canadian citizen now living in Malaysia, presented very important points in her article ‘You are Beautiful’ that will give enough confidence and self-respect among our youths, particularly the girls. In this issue we have articles on ‘Quantum Computing’ and Internet of Things (IoT) which will be ‘food for thought’ for our technology oriented generation.
As usual in this issue also we have encouraged our novice writers and printed story, poems, scientific articles, articles on great lives contributed by them. Some of the subjects are challenging indeed. Other than that, we have our regular features, like: magazine news, jokes, cartoon, art, and movie review in this issue also. We are grateful to the contributors for quality articles and hope to receive quality articles in future too. We are thankful to the companies helping us with advertisements. I thank the composer and computer operators for their hard work. I appreciate the hard work of all the members in the editorial team.


Ashraf Al Deen

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