Black holes

Out of the hundreds of things in space, like planets, stars, asteroids etc. there is one interesting thing, we know almost nothing about, exists in the space and is called the Black Hole. First suggested by a French scientist Pierre Laplace in 1795 to this day, it’s a thing that every scientist found complicated to explain. It’s hard and complicated as it’s for out in space. But before going to its complicated parts let’s know few basic information.

What is a black hole?

A black hole could be thought as collapsed stars, invisible “Jaws” in outer space, whirlpools from which nothing car escape, and weirdest of all, getaways to another universe. It is a place in space that has so much pulling force, as strong as 5000 million suns, from which even light can’t escape. These spin at terrific speeds at all time.

Formation of black holes

Black holes are formed whenever stars are dying. At this point of time, the star explodes. This is what happens to small stars. Large stars explode, inwards or implode. The star begins to collapse under its own weight. It becomes smaller and smaller, takes up lesser space, becomes denser. It just goes on collapsing until a black hole is formed.

“Seeing” black holes

As a ‘Black Hole’ pulls all the light coming from it, so it can’t be seen. But it is possible to tell that there is a black hole by studyingthe behavior of the objects around it. If a star is near a black hole, it would not behave normally. Instead, it would follow a circular path around the black hole. By comparing this star with others, scientist can tell that there are black holes.

Sizes of Black holes

Scientists think that the smallest black hole is of the size of an atom. Yet the largest ones can be up to 20 times the mass of the sun. According to this, they are grouped into stellar and supermassive black holes. Stellar black holes weigh over 20 times the sun. They are believed to be formed by a supernova. Supermassive black holes are believed to form along with the galaxies they are in.

Black holes and white holes

Some astronomers think that people will one day build their own black holes that could be used to go to another galaxy. They believe that if a spacecraft wassucked into a black hole, it would vanish but reappear in a different universe through a white hole. There is no proof for this. But some exploding galaxies are thought to be white holes. It seems impossible but some astronomers believe that these are mankind’s only chance of reaching other stars and galaxies.

Out of the most things in space, black holes are one of the least understood ones. From 1795’s Pierre Laplace suggestion to the time Albert Einstein started experimenting, it has been a continuous debate, discovery, suggestion- all these things are at one. It would not be the way it is now in the future, but its complication will be the same, and for this reason, we are still a long way for unlocking the secrets within a black hole has kept scientists confused for last 300 years. 

Abdul Jami Onabil  & SafwanFerdous, Std Six, Shahan International School, Rangpur.

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