“Coco” a movie which describes about family borders , the absolute pain of getting seperated from family, the pain produced when a border completely locks you away from family.

Directed by “Lee Unkrich” and veteran pixar animator Adrian Molina.

The film’s hero is a 12 year old boy named Miguel Riviera who lives in a small town of santacecilia. He was interested in playing guitar and idolizes a popular songwriter Ernesto de la Cruz who was killed when a church bell hit his head . Miguel used to play his guitar in secret because his family had banned music ever since his great great grandfather left abandoning his loved ones for pursuing his dreams in music, at least thats the story passed down from his family members, but it soon gets challenged as the film moves forward. The movie is quite mysterious but not like a traditional detective story, but through a hero’s journey in the land of the dead who accesses through the tomb of his ancestors.

I watched the movie  because of utter curiosity and guess what, it actually made me cry. I never expected this movie to be this much emotional, I loved how the pain of getting separated from family is shown in this movie, how it expressed that how much important our family is to us. Another part I loved was that the movie builds plots around members of Miguel’s family, living and dead, as they battle to determine the official narrative of Miguel’s great-great grandfather’s and what his disappearance from the narrative meant for the clan. The title character is Miguel’s great-grandmother who was traumatized by her dad’s disappearance. In her old age she became a silent presence, sitting in a corner and staring blankly ahead as if she’s hypnotized.

The process of how Miguel gets transported to the world of the dead is quite hard to explain in a review. So, it will be comprehensible if you watch this movie. In short: Miguel gets there and gets acquainted with a dunce called hector, and he has to pose as one of the dead with the aid of skeletal  face paint , but the longer Miguel stays on the other side, the more chances he has to end up actually dead. Every twist seemed obvious in retrospect; Mathew’s script frames each one so that seems delightful and inevitable. Many of those were conveyed by stolen through a family photo that Miguel brings with him to the land of the dead. The development of the photo is a great example of how a story can be told through pictures. Somebody’s face was torn out in the picture and there’s a guitar that proves to be important later. There are other visual information which were withheld from Miguel and so can be revealed or restored when the time is right, completing the incorrect picture.

The last part is actually the most emotional part, and I won’t spoil your interest by saying anymore. At first it was just curiosity that made me watch it and I’m glad that I actually watched this masterpiece. Like Pixar this movie is filled with homage to film history in general and animation history in particular. I just hope that you guys enjoy this movie too.

By:Abrar Abdullah

Manarat International School & College,A-level

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