AhedTamimi : A girl of resistance

Ahed Tamimi (AhedAttamimi) is a Palestinian activist from the village of Nabi Salih in the occupied West Bank. Her parents are Bassem Al-Tamimi and Nariman Al-Tamimi.

Ahed Tamimi was arrested on December 19, 2017 after a video of her slapping an Israeli soldier went viral in the social media, sparking international interest and debate. She appeared before the military court on December 25, 2017 and was sentenced to eight months in prison after agreeing to a plea bargain, and was released on 29 July 2018. A bold, courageous and energetic girl who became the symbol of Freedom Fighters of Palestine.

Simple but paramount ambitious eyes, tiny but iron wall embedded to mind as a purified warrior. The vile and violent machinery sets up around her but steadiness of mind can never be described. Her glorious raised fist calls for a destruction of all forces of Zionism. Swaggering soul reflects all woven hatred pushed into the ugly hubris of Netanyahu. Israel might be seemed that they would succeed throughout America ‘s dubious plan but with the presence of this kind of girl who’s under 16 , no one could defeat the people of Palestine. America has shown its ugly faces by declaring East Jerusalem as the capital of Israeli state! Palestine people are protesting against this unilateral decision. Ahed Tamimi is one of them, with her furious voice to stop illegal occupation. Her wave of outrage was stopped by Israeli soldiers and detained her in jail. Many children were detained by the Israeli military forces. Israel is the only country that detains and prosecutes children in the military court system! There are some 700 Palestinian children are in Israeli jails! In 2015, Human Rights Watch found that Israeli security forces used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11 in East Jerusalem and West Bank, and have choked, beaten, threatened and interrogated children in custody without the presence of parents or lawyers. The parents demanding the release of their children from military court were abused and harassed both mentally and physically.

Ahed Tamimi always took part in demonstrations against illegal settlement of Israel in Nabih Saleh, the west bank village, where she lives. The Israeli military keeps pushing into the village, into the yard, into the house, for abusing her family and her friends. For that Ahed ends up out in front, where everyone can see her agitating face. She raises her voice always against the Israeli illegal occupation.

(She demonstrated with her cousin Bilal Tamimi Friday april in 2017)

She is seen in the courageous demonstrations with her family and local communities on every Friday. Her voice had acute hatred against Zionist propaganda. She turned to be the sign of Emblem of Palestinian Warrior since 2012. She became awarded which is “HANJALA BRAVE AWARD” for her braveness by Turkey Government. She believes that resistance must be continued if we want to protect our land, which is indispensable for our security.

Will Ahed Tamimi ever be invited to royal and presidential palaces as they do Malala Yousufzai? What is the different between being attacked by the Taliban dogs and being robbed of your youth and liberty by the Zionists? What is the difference between Malala Yousufzai and Ahed Tamimi? Both courageous, both defiant, both steadfast and energetic in their determinations to defy the odds stacked viciously against them. Why one was pushed into jail and harassed by the Israeli Military Forces and other was known as the champion of women rights! Though the same protests they did, but one acclaimed all praises from the free world, and the other faced detention and apprehension. Is it just because Ahed stood against Zionist oppression? Will anyone stand for #metooahed, to support her courageous actions?

In 2017 during an interview with The Guardian’s journalist Herrett Sherwood, ‘how often she experienced teargas?’ Ahed laughed, saying ‘she could not count the times!’ Ahed added: “We want to liberate Palestine, we want to live as free people. The solders are here to protect the settlers and prevent us reaching our land”.

As the people of an independent nation, we from Bangladesh want Palestine to be free from illegal occupation of Israel. Our collective efforts should be applied for Tamimi’s willingness to be free from Israeli nefarious settlement in east Jerusalem. We also uphold the hash tag #metooahed.

By:Murad Hossain: Department of Arabic, University of Dhaka.

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